Amber’s Bridals

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Before the ceremony was ready to began I wisked Amber away for a few bridals.


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Amber & Elias: Ceremony Details & Getting Ready

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Amber and Elias had a beautiful and simple wedding ceremony under a tree in their LDS chapel in San Jose, California.






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Aurora & Nathan: Sacramento LDS Temple Wedding Newlywed Photos at Sunset

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Sunlight fell at the perfect time for Aurora and Nathan to capture amazing photographs at sunset before their reception began (to be honest, they were a little late but they both agreed photos were worth being late for – I agree!) Here are the results of their amazing sacrifice.. well worth it, in my opinion!

I love when the lights of the Sacramento LDS Temple light up. It’s a breathtaking background to showcase the love between these two newlyweds!


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Aurora & Nathan: Sacramento LDS Temple Wedding Newlywed Photos Part 1

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The lighting was so perfect while we photographed Aurora and Nathan’s newlywed photos! They had a late afternoon sealing to ensure great light and left a lot of time for photographs. That made it possible for me to create amazing images, and a lot of them!



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Aurora & Nathan: Sacramento LDS Temple Wedding Exit

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Aurora and Nathan were married on a beautiful winter day in the Sacramento, California Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They timed their sealing for the later afternoon to provide the best light for photographs and to ensure we would get sunset photographs. They really valued photography and planned their whole day around the photos, which I appreciated. It paid off and we got some truly awesome photographs they will cherish!




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Camille: A Emotional Birth Story of a baby with with a Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia

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I love photographing births. It is a miracle every time and I get so emotional when parents first see their baby. Most birth have happy emotions as most babies are born healthy. However, in rare occasions complications arise. Such is the case with this little beauty, Camille. While she looks perfect from the outside, she has a Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. From the little I understand (and trust me, it’s a little) her diaphragm did not develop properly in the womb and some of her organs pushed up and effected the development of her heart and lungs. Through my volunteer work with Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep and a mutual friend, Lindsay and her husband Jared reached out to me about a month ago to photograph the birth of their little girl. It worked out that I would be in California at the time Lindsey was to be induced. It’s amazing to me how God makes this work out for us to help us along life’s challenges.

Lindsey and I met a week before she was induced and talked about everything. We quickly connected because of our shared belief in God and my volunteer work with many high risk babies. Lindsey was induced late on the 1st and delivered her sweet daughter on the 2nd. This little girl had many attending doctors, nurses, and medical students to give her the best chance at life. It was a little crowded to say the least, but it was all for a good reason.

Jared and Lindsey took this challenge in their life as an opportunity to grow together as a couple and make their marriage stronger. They are so cute with their sweet kisses and signs of affection.

Lindsey was a rock star at birth. She did a great job pushing this little beauty into the world.

Because of Camille’s complications they were unable to do skin to skin right after birth. The awesome doctor, however, put Camille up onto Lindsey’s leg seconds after birth before they clamped the cord and let Lindsey touch her and see her before they had to put her onto a ventilator. What an amazing experience that was for Lindsey. I am not going to lie, I teared up. It was the most tender and beautiful moment for mom and baby, though it was so hard when they had to take her away. Jared was so comforting and I could tell that they had a strong, beautiful marriage full of love. You could see the strength they drew from each other during this.

As they were working on Camille Jared asked Lindsey how she was feeling. Camille replied “hopeful.” Words can’t say how beautiful that was.

The team of doctors and nurses took Camille to the NICU immediately after stabilizing her and began a series of tests to determine the best course of action. Camille was amazing throughout all of this. Just to warn all readers – these photographs are sensitive and may be hard to view. Please do not scroll down further if you do not want to view them. I have Camille’s parent’s permission to share them.

Once Lindsey was able to get in a wheel chair she was able to join Jared and come see her sweet baby.

The day after she was born Camille’s brothers were able to come into the NICU to see their sister and get a family photo taken. The nurses were so very accommodating and kind to allow me in. They understood the importance of these photographs and pulled some strings to let me in. I am so grateful to them!!! We also dressed her up with some beautiful hair pieces her Grandmother bought and a matching bracelet set donated for mom and baby.

Throughout this I learned how compassionate and considerate Lindsey are Jared are to everyone they meets. I can honestly say that through this experience I have grown to love their family. I hope and pray that this story ends with me photographing Camille when she is out of the NICU and heading home healthy. If that is God’s will I would jump for joy. Only time will tell, and as Jared told me they take it an hour at a time.

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Etta’s Newborn Portraits (7 Days Old)

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This little beauty let me share her one week birthday with her! I absolutely adored photographing her! When I picked her up the first time I felt like I was holding a feather – she was only just over 5 1/2 pounds! Because she came 3 weeks early her parent’s weren’t able to make their busy schedules work to be in the photographs, so Etta, her grandmother and I spent 2 amazing hours together documenting this amazing new life.





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